How to Become a Plumber in Wyoming

Anyone who builds or owns a home is well aware of the importance of plumbing systems such as water supply and drainage systems. The same holds true for anyone who builds, owns or manages a commercial property. During construction, plumbers provide the vital knowhow required to properly install sewer, water and gas lines. And once construction is complete, plumbers often return to homes and businesses to conduct maintenance and repairs.

Although sparsely populated, Wyoming relies on plumbing services just as much as other parts of the U.S. This means that plumbers are needed in communities of every size. If you want to do plumbing work in Wyoming, it helps to understand the plumbing industry before you make any firm plans. Keep reading to learn how you can launch your career while avoiding any potential setbacks.

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What Are Wyoming’s Licensing Guidelines for Plumbers?

Wyoming is one of a handful of states that doesn’t control the plumbing trade at a state level. Instead, control of the trade happens at a more local county or community level. What does this mean for you as a would-be plumber? In some parts of Wyoming, you can join the trade without getting any kind of license to do so. However, in other parts of the state, you must seek a license from a county or municipal authority.

Two Wyoming cities that maintain local control over the plumbing trade are Cheyenne and Jackson. Cheyenne’s guidelines identify two classes of plumbers: journeymen and masters. Journeymen have significant plumbing experience but need to learn more in order to master their trade. Master plumbers have attained a very high level of knowledge and experience.

The city issues two kinds of plumber licenses: qualified supervisor licenses and contractor licenses. Qualified supervisors can direct work crews on plumbing jobs. Contractors can operate businesses capable of handling even large-scale commercial projects. Check the city’s website for a complete breakdown of the rules governing plumbers.

In Jackson, you need a city-issued license to act as a plumbing contractor. The city defines contractors as plumbers who install, alter or relocate any kind of plumbing system. That includes systems used to move steam, gas, oil or chemicals.

If you live in another Wyoming community, ask your local government about that community’s rules for working plumbers.

Plumbing Schools in Wyoming

In some parts of Wyoming, you can seek work as a plumber even if you have no previous experience. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. In every community, plumbers are respected because they do their jobs well. This means that you’ll need to develop your skills as early as possible. Some people get on-the-job training while working as plumber’s apprentices. However, others seek out a plumbing training program. Wyoming trade schools offering plumbing programs include:

  • Northwest College Wyoming – This Powell-based school offers a four-year plumbing apprenticeship. All program participants receive real-world training as well as classroom and online instruction.
  • Laramie County Community College – This institution offers a Plumbing Technology degree. Graduates are ready to start a hands-on plumbing apprenticeship.
  • Western Wyoming Community College – Western Wyoming offers an online Foundations of Plumbing course. The course provides a total of 145 hours of plumbing instruction.

Plumbing Apprenticeship Programs in Wyoming

Every year, new employees enter the plumbing field in states across America. In some states, plumbers are strictly regulated. This regulation often includes rules governing the work of plumbing apprentices. However, Wyoming does not follow either of these models. There is no statewide regulation of plumbers or plumbing apprentices.

In fact, there are no set guidelines for such apprentices anywhere in Wyoming. A few cities, including Cheyenne, do have regulations for journeyman plumbers and master plumbers. But the city’s guidelines don’t state exactly how long you must apprentice before obtaining journeyman status.

Despite the lack of guiding regulations, there are Wyoming businesses that hire plumbing apprentices. In addition, there are Wyoming institutions that provide plumber training. Some of these training programs are designed to prepare you for an apprentice position.

For example, at Western Wyoming Community College in Afton, you can take a 145-hour course in the foundations of plumbing. All classwork is conducted online. Another preparatory option is Laramie County Community College. This school’s curriculum includes coursework in plumbing technology.

There are also institutions offering more in-depth training for would-be plumbers. One example is Northwest College Wyoming in Powell. This school has a well-rounded, four-year apprenticeship program that includes both theoretical instruction and hands-on training.

Income Expectations for Plumbers in Wyoming

The webpage provides wage data for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters in Wyoming, comparing it to the national averages. In Wyoming, these workers earn an average annual salary of $50,190. The lowest 10% earn $37,260, and the highest 10% earn $75,240. Nationally, the average salary is higher at $60,090, with the lowest 10% earning $37,250 and the highest 10% earning $101,190. The data also includes detailed salary percentiles for specific regions within Wyoming and adjacent areas.

National vs. Delaware Salary Comparison

Location Average Salary Lowest 10% Salary Highest 10% Salary
United States $60,090 $37,250 $101,190
Wyoming $50,190 $37,260 $75,240

Salaries by Regions in Delaware

Region Annual Low (10%) Annual Q1 (25%) Annual Median (50%) Annual Q3 (75%) Annual High (90%)
Casper, WY $32,860 $44,670 $54,660 $61,480 $79,310
Cheyenne, WY $34,750 $38,920 $49,210 $59,650 $77,030

Plumbing Trends in Alaska

The webpage details employment trends for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters in Wyoming. In 2020, the employment figure for this occupation was 890 individuals. It is projected to rise to 1,040 by 2030, indicating a significant growth rate of 17%. Additionally, there are expected to be approximately 110 annual job openings from 2020 to 2030 due to growth and replacements. This growth rate is substantially higher than the national average projected growth of 2% for the same period.


Location Employment (2020) Projected Employment (2030) Projected Growth Projected Annual Job Openings (2020-2030)
Wyoming 890 1,040 17% 110
United States 482,700 493,600 2% 42,600

Sources of data:

  1. State Data: The projections for this State from 2020 to 2030 are provided by Projections Central, which offers long-term projections for occupational employment.
  2. United States Data: The nationwide employment projections from 2022 to 2032 are sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which regularly publishes detailed employment projections for a wide range of occupations across the United States.